Tremendous Potential of Dating Apps to Make Money

Tremendous Potential of Dating Apps to Make Money

Estimates say that nowadays over 27% of committed relationships start via the internet. Earlier people were using online and mobile apps for serious relationships like marriages but now online dating has also become quite popular. US, Europe, India, Dubai are amongst the largest market for online dating users. With huge penetration of song population, these numbers are going to increase multi-fold in coming years. That’s why the demand for App Development Company in Dubai, UAE is also increasing rapidly.


Reports say that by 2031, at least 50% of married couples would have history of starting their relationships through online mediums such as mobile apps or websites. Right now an average online dating service user spends about $243 per annum.

Mobiles are now replacing computers for availing most of the online services and estimates say that today more than 48% of users access dating services through their smartphones. We all know that the number of smartphones usage worldwide is in billions and it is spreading quite fast. This speaks for itself.

As most of the people are going online to find their life partner that’s why building and launching a dating app like Badoo, Tinder, happn and more is a wise decision and no doubt these kinds of apps are going to become extremely popular in coming days.

Estimates also say that there are over 20 million matches on dating apps and websites worldwide having about 40 million total users

If you too are planning to develop and launch an app like Badoo which is one of the best and top online dating app then you can go through this article as it will help you a lot. Badoo is a mobile application which allows exploring for people who are willing to meet and communicate within a specific area. Let’s now go more deeper into how you can build and launch an online dating app like Badoo.

Reports say that during 2009 to 2018, UAE mobile dating business revenue grew from $ 46 million to $ 362 million and it is expected to reach to $ 415.3 million by 2020.

About a decade ago when most of the online dating apps like Badoo, Tinder and happn were launched, people were cautious and suspicious but today more than 15% of adults are using and following mobile dating apps.

About 87% of people who have used and experienced online dating apps say that such services are good and safe if you want to meet like-minded people for friendship or for a best hookup bar Boulder more serious relationship.

Right now about 7.8 million people are using online dating services and about 5% of overall UAE population is registered with Badoo.

Online dating apps are generating more than $2.2 Billion of business revenue and that too is growing at a fast rate.

Due to success in online dating apps in Dubai, we can see many Mobile App Development Companies in Dubai which are doing good app development business with some of them also experience in developing online dating apps.

We have seen a huge impact of dating apps on our personal and romantic lives with about 49 million people have joined in online dating at least once. As so many people are now looking for love online therefore there is a tremendous potential of making money in most popular dating apps like Badoo.

Badoo is one of the top online dating app which makes an earning of whopping $1,269 per minute or about $88,153 per hour. This kind of success was possible as Badoo recently did survey of paid subscription options, which has unlocked many added features like unlimited likes and the ability to ‘rewind’ random swipes.

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